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Kaos Softwear: Pair of Silicone Double Flared Skin Eyelets
As low as $8.95
Kaos Softwear makes only bio-compatible body piercing jewelry. Silicone is both lovely and functional for body jewelry. Eyelets are so practical. You can get this in 10g through 3". Is this one of your favorite colors: black, blue, brown, clear, green, grey, pink, purple, red, white or yellow? Conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix are a few of the piercings to use this in.
Metal Mafia: Pair of Stainless Steel Gemmed Double Flared Threaded Tunnels
As low as $11.50
Metal Mafia brand body piercing jewelry is fun and exciting. Economy stainless steel is a favorite of many fans of body jewelry. This jewelry may fit other internally threaded jewelry. This eyelet is versatile. Some sizes offered are 8g through 2". You can get this in: black, clear, high polish or pink. Works in so many piercings such as: conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix.
Glasswear Studios: Pair of Clear Pyrex Glass Single Flared Eyelets
As low as $13.95
Glasswear Studios makes only bio-compatible body piercing jewelry. We think you'll love the many uses of borosilicate glass jewelry. You'll love this eyelet. This one is available in 8g through 3". You might like this in: clear. If you have any of these piercings this could be just what you're looking for: conch, ear lobe, helix or snug/anti-helix.
Halftone: Pair of Acrylic Double Flared Plugs
As low as $0.95