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Premium Body Jewelry

Premium Body Jewelry

We have the best body jewelry from around the world. Our premium brands started the modern body jewelry revolution and set the world-wide standards for body jewelry quality, fit and finish.


Body Circle Designs 

Buddha Jewelry Organics 

Industrial Strength 

Kaos Softwear 


Little Seven 


Glass Body Jewelry

Glass Body Jewelry

We offer glass body jewelry from all the premium glass artisans.

Glasswear Studios 

Gorilla Glass 

Organic Body Jewelry

Organic Body Jewelry

Whether your preference is for stone, wood, horn, or bone, we carry a huge selection of organic jewelry to please every taste.

Diablo Organics 

Omerica Organic 



Urban Star Organics 

Economy Body Jewelry

Economy Body Jewelry

Our economy line of body jewelry is the perfect choice for those on a limited budget but who still want some awesome jewelry.

Halftone Bodyworks 

Hollywood Body Jewelry 

Metal Mafia 


Aftercare for Piercings


We carry a wide variety of body piercing aftercare products to suit your every need.

Aftercare for Piercings 

Body Jewelry Tools

Body Jewelry Tools

Sometimes you just need a little help opening a captive bead ring or holding a bead. This is where you'll find every helpful tool under the sun.

Body Jewelry Tools