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Industrial Strength: Stainless Steel Continuous Ring

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The simplest body jewelry ring with no beads to lose. Simply bend the ends apart as you would a key ring, insert into your piercing and bend the ends back. To maintain the shape of the ring, it's best to bend the ends side to side, so that the diameter of the ring remains the same, then bend them back together after insertion. This 316LVM ASTM F-138 stainless steel ring is annealed for ease of bending and highly polished.


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Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 14g 1/2"
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Great quality and easy to bend!

Item Reviewed: Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 20g 3/8"
, Hotchkiss, , UNITED STATES - 8/12/2015
Body Jewelry

I've purchased this nose ring once before in 18g 1/4 and when I wanted a new one, I searched online for a cheaper alternative and placed an order with a company other than Steel Navel and was quite unhappy with the product, so I returned to Steel Navel and ordered this product, and could not be any more pleased with the quality of it. With this order I learned to stick to what I know works and in this case, and for all my other body modification needs, its Steel Navel.
Editor's Note: Thanks so much! We are glad to be able to meet your needs :)

Item Reviewed: Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 20g 1/4"
, Brampton, ON, CANADA - 1/22/2011
Body Jewelry

This was the very first nose ring I had ever purchased, as well as my first Steel Navel order. I guess the fact that I've repurchased it and have come back again today for more says enough! Its strong and sturdy, doesn't bend out of shape when I fiddle with it or sleep on it. Its very easy to put it and I've never had an issue with it falling out since I've put it in. LOVE this product, and would definitely recommend it!

Item Reviewed: Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 18g 1/4"
, Brampton, ON, CANADA - 1/22/2011
Body Jewelry

Great for nose piercings. Easy to put in and wear.

Item Reviewed: Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 20g 3/8"
, Calgary, AB, CANADA - 3/23/2010
Body Jewelry

I love this ring! it may seem a bit pricey for something so small and delicate, but it is definitely worth it. i've ordered other rings from different sites after trying this particular product and I wish I had just saved my money and bought something I knew I was satisfied with rather than trying out cheaper options. I use this in my nostril piercing and I love it. getting it in and adjusting it is a bit of a hassle but worth the time and effort because once its in, it doesn't budge. since its a continuous ring, you don't have to worry about it falling out, in the shower for example, where I, personally, have a lost a few nose rings. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a sturdy, versatile hoop. its a no brainer considering the extremely cheap shipping and fabulous customer service this site has to offer.

Item Reviewed: Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 18g 1/4"
, Cambridge, ON, CANADA - 12/14/2009
Body Jewelry

I was looking for a ring for my lip piercing that didn't have any parts to lose I'm always dropping the beads for CBRs, and here it was! It was fairly easy to get in, although I found that after a while the tiny opening would irritate my piercing when it rotated, even if I closed the ring as much as I could. But aside from that, I'm happy I was able to find something like this.

Item Reviewed: Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 16g 7/16"
, Reno, NV, UNITED STATES - 11/4/2009
Body Jewelry

One of the best continuous rings on the market. You can't go wrong with Industrial Strength. Easy to bend but strong enough that it doesn't loose its shape. If you are looking for a continuous ring then look no further and get this one.

Item Reviewed: Continuous Ring: Stainless Steel 12g 5/8"
, Baton Rouge, LA, UNITED STATES - 1/27/2009
Body Jewelry