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Industrial Strength: Stainless Steel Internally Threaded Barbell - POST ONLY

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This stainless steel straight barbell post is internally threaded. Any internally threaded Industrial Strength brand ends will fit this post. The gauge for the post and the ends must be the same. This barbell post is made from 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade stainless steel.

PLEASE NOTE: End to end, this barbell will actually measure approximately 1/16" longer than stated because it is designed to be used with Industrial Strenth brand counter-sunk ball ends. If you intend to use flat (non-counter sunk) ends, then you should account for this. 14g and 16g barbells measure approximately 1/32" longer.


Internal threading

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The finish on these are fantastic. I always choose Industrial Strength!

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 6g 1 and 5/16 - POST ONLY
, Waunakee, WI, UNITED STATES - 5/10/2016
Body Jewelry

Very smooth post with no imperfections. I just inserted this into my tongue a couple of hours ago after a stretch and it feels very comfortable. I did get the wrong length, which is totally my fault, so Ill be buying this post again just one or two sizes shorter. Internally threaded is the best way to go.

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 10g 9/16 - POST ONLY
, Philadelphia, PA, UNITED STATES - 3/16/2016
Body Jewelry

These are so much better for the mouth with the inside threads. I don't have any irritation when changing them out.

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 14g 9/16 - POST ONLY
, las vegas, NV, UNITED STATES - 11/9/2013
Body Jewelry

I got this to use in my tongue piercing and it works great! Very smooth and of high quality.

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 14g 13/16 - POST ONLY
, Tampa, FL, UNITED STATES - 7/7/2013
Body Jewelry

It is so rare to find a barbell so short, it is perfect for my second lobe piercing. Plus there are so many gem/ball options available.

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 16g 3/16 - POST ONLY
, Sydney, , AUSTRALIA - 4/27/2012
Body Jewelry

It took a few tries to get the right length, but this is just what I needed. I use custom pieces for a labret ring I can use in my tongue to protect my lower teeth. I just wish these were a little easier to find.

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 12g 9/16 - POST ONLY
, Cedar Rapids, IA, UNITED STATES - 10/23/2011
Body Jewelry

Can't wait to put this into my tongue after yesterdays stretch. Super smooth and can use the balls from the complete barbell I bought for the stretch from 14 to 10….

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 10g 9/16 - POST ONLY
, North Las Vegas, NV, UNITED STATES - 8/6/2010
Body Jewelry

I love how all the different parts are interchangeable, makes it so much easier in terms of storage with having so many different jewelry pieces.

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 12g 1/4 - POST ONLY
, Lombard, IL, UNITED STATES - 8/5/2009
Body Jewelry

Best barbells around are made by Industrial Strength. Barbell is internally threaded and will work well with many internally threaded barbell ends. Made of high quality 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade stainless steel, these barbells will probably last longer than your piercing.
Editor's Note: Only Industrial Strength brand internally threaded ball ends are guaranteed to work with IS brand barbells.

Item Reviewed: Barbell: Stainless Internal 12g 1/2 - POST ONLY
, Baton Rouge, LA, UNITED STATES - 1/27/2009
Body Jewelry