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Industrial Strength: Titanium Straight Barbell with Internal Threads and Titanium Balls

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$25.95 - $106.95 & eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. See details.

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Industrial Strength charges extra for Rainbow titanium: $10 for the post and $10 per end.
Rainbow cannot be done in certain jewelry styles and end styles.
These I.S. titanium colors are not available in 2g and larger: Blurple, Fuchsia, Green, Rainbow, Striped, and Teal.

This straight barbell is made from 6AL4V ELI F-136 implant grade titanium. It is internally threaded for comfort during insertion and has countersunk ends for a precision fit.

With 99,201 variations to choose from you are sure to find the best one for all your piercings. You choose the gauge, barbell length, barbell color, ball diameter and ball color.

If you are unsure which size ball to choose you may want to select the standard ball diameter listed in the chart below.

Gauge Standard Ball Diameter
16g 1/8" or 5/32"
14g, 12g 5/32", 3/16", or 7/32"
10g, 8g 3/16", 7/32", or 1/4"
6g 5/16"
4g 3/8"
2g 7/16"
0g 1/2"
00g 5/8"


Internal threading

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Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 10g 5/16" High Polish With: 3/16" Titanium Balls Light Blue
3/16" light blue balls with 10g high polish barbell in lip piercing
Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 14g 1-3/8" Blurple With: 3/16" Titanium Balls Blurple
Blurple appears to be pretty much purple
Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 14g 1-1/4" Light Blue With: 5/32" Titanium Balls Teal
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Very high quality. Shipping took a while of course but totally worth it. Everyone I spoke with at this company was patience, and helpful. Thank you!

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 12g 3/8" Dark Blue With: 5/32" Titanium Balls Dark Blue
, NH, , UNITED STATES - 12/23/2014
Body Jewelry

Awesome, high quality barbells. I got a simple high polish barbell and ends, and they've held up nicely.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 16g 5/16" High Polish With: 1/8" Titanium Balls High Polish
, Iowa City, IA, UNITED STATES - 1/3/2014
Body Jewelry

I like titanium jewelry, and my 10g lip piercing was satisfied with this piece. The anodized titanium does not agree with my skin as much as the high polish titanium, but I like the color of this blue-it brings out my eyes, and it seems to be holding up, unlike some of the other anodized ends which lose their color over time, especially in mouth piercings.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 10g 5/16" High Polish With: 3/16" Titanium Balls Light Blue
, notown, , UNITED STATES - 12/1/2013
Body Jewelry

Excellent jewelry. It's light and looks great. I've had this since February and I like it more than steel. Time to go up a size.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 6g 1" Dark Blue With: 5/16" Titanium Balls Dark Blue
, Denver, CO, UNITED STATES - 9/30/2013
Body Jewelry

Very pretty and very nicely made. I.S.s version of Blurple does not even come close to Anatometal's however. I bought this to match some very spendy Blurple plugs and this is FAR more purple. I guess next time I want true Blurple color I know who to choose.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 14g 1-3/8" Blurple With: 3/16" Titanium Balls Blurple
, Minneapolis, MN, UNITED STATES - 1/14/2013
Body Jewelry

Good luck trying to find a titanium barbell this short anywhere else. I needed something extremely short for my Frenum piercing to keep it from moving and this is lightweight and amazingly comfortable. Internal threading keeps the sensitive areas from snags during insertion and the color options are great.

Couldn't be happier.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 10g 1/4" Dark Blue With: 7/32" Titanium Balls High Polish
, Bridgeport, CT, UNITED STATES - 11/15/2012
Body Jewelry

I love titanium, and I love Industrial Strength. This is a fantastic product and well worth the price. Easy to insert, balls stay tight I do check them once in a while, beautfiul smooth finish. I dont plan to take these out unless I have to temporarily for a medical procedure.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 12g 5/8" High Polish With: 7/32" Titanium Balls High Polish
, Boise, ID, UNITED STATES - 6/24/2011
Body Jewelry

Not happy. The balls are too small.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 8g 5/8" High Polish With: 3/16" Titanium Balls High Polish
, Downingtown, PA, UNITED STATES - 5/27/2011
Body Jewelry

I bought this barbell to use in my tongue, and was ecstatic when I finally got it--it was the absolute perfect fit, and I love the color. I still order and wear other jewelry pieces with this color, and its been three years already! I couldn't have found anything nearly as perfect for this price in local shops.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 14g 9/16" High Polish With: 5/32" Titanium Balls Blurple
, Vancouver, BC, CANADA - 4/18/2011
Body Jewelry

This is an excellent piece of jewelry, which allows me full control of it when I am using it in my tongue piercing. No more flippy floppy--all very deliberate.

Also, when my tongue piercing was finally big enough to accommodate the jewelry, I had absolutely no discomfort sliding it in, and it immediately felt great. The only thing that disappoints me is that, after two years in my mouth, you cant tell what color it was supposed to be when I ordered it.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Straight Barbell: 6g 5/8" High Polish, Titanium Balls: 1/4" Dark Blue
, Vancouver, BC, CANADA - 4/8/2011
Body Jewelry

I wanted some high quality barbells for when I get my nipples re-pierced, and although my body is fine with steel I figured I should go with titanium for the larger gauge. I didn't want the jewelry to feel too heavy. These barbells are beautiful. The polish is amazing and they are exactly what I was looking for. One of the barbell lengths is .5mm longer than the other, but that's fine because I needed a slight size difference the first time I had my nipples pierced for one nipple and 5/8 was too large. I've never had solid larger gauge titanium jewelry before I had a pair of eyelets in 1" and some small 14g stuff and although I knew it was lighter than steel I didn't expect it to be this light. if I moved these around in my hand with my eyes closed I'd think they were acrylic based on the weight. I'm very happy about that. I absolutely love the ball sizes as well. nice and small which was just what I was going for, and the countersunk ends mean they fit perfectly. They are machined very well, and whenever I find a piercer I feel is competent enough around here to do large gauge nipple piercings I will take them to be sterilized and used initially. I'm probably going to buy some colored titanium ends once they have been done and healed. I don't generally like to spend so much on jewelry since I'm not super sensitive and have a lot of piercings, but I really want these piercings to work the second time around and I knew I had to give them the best. I can't wait to wear them.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 8g 9/16" High Polish With: 3/16" Titanium Balls High Polish
, welland, ON, CANADA - 9/28/2010
Body Jewelry

Wearing this now - was a custom order that was originally not supposed to ship until 7/7/09 - as you can see its 7/2/09 and I've had it for days. Great quality and easy to upsize my piercing with a taper also purchased this order.

Item Reviewed: Straight Barbell: Titanium Internal 12g 3/4" Fuchsia With: 7/32" Titanium Balls Fuchsia
, Jersey City, NJ, UNITED STATES - 7/2/2009
Body Jewelry