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Funk Off: Funk Off Piercing Deodorant

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Do you hate that funky smell your piercings get? Well Funk Off is the perfect solution! Funk Off is a piercing deodorant that you apply to your piercings and jewelry to control the odor that comes from bacterial growth and breakdown in piercings. Funk Off has been used by industry professionals such as Elayne Angel, professional piercer, and author of the Piercing Bible, and Caitlin McDiarmid of the Association of Professional Piercers.

Funk Off is made from all natural ingredients! The base of the compound is made from: Castor Seed Oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, combined with natural lipids and waxes.

Each container is 1/4 ounce. The nifty aluminum container is available in 6 colors, and is great to re-use as a place to store small spare parts!



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This stuff is amazing! Not a substitute for regular cleaning, but definitely prevents odor, I recommend it all the time!

Item Reviewed: Funk Off Piercing Deodorant: Silver with Gems
, Las Vegas, , UNITED STATES - 8/18/2014
Body Jewelry

This stuff smells amazing and really helps with minimizing and eliminating that funky piercing smell.

Item Reviewed: Funk Off Piercing Deodorant: Purple with Gems
, Winter Springs, FL, UNITED STATES - 1/12/2014
Body Jewelry

I purchased one of these from the Junk Drawer section as a few gems missing doesn't bother me. I love this stuff. It smells fantastic, helped plugs slip in easier, and my lobes feel soft and stretchy instead of tight and irritated. Its been three days since I applied it and I can still smell it instead of that nasty smell Plugs get after a day or too. I will definitely be purchasing much more of this product in the future. The tin is super tiny, but a little bit of this product goes a long way.

Item Reviewed: Funk Off Piercing Deodorant: Aqua with Gems
, Halifax, NS, CANADA - 1/27/2013
Body Jewelry

Had my nose pierced for years, I have always hated with my overactive sense of smell I could actually smell my piercing, even if I clean it regularly. Drives me insane. I caught the email about Funk Off in the clearance bin due to a missing gem here and there on some tins...picked this up. Applied it 2 days ago to my nose ring area and still not smelling anything. Amazing. Customer for life!

Item Reviewed: Funk Off Piercing Deodorant: Purple with Gems
, Minneapolis, MN, UNITED STATES - 1/25/2013
Body Jewelry

Stuff is great, definitely does what is says and more. Use it once a day but don't really need to. Keeps that Funk smell off of the jewelry for days. If you don't have a can get one.

Item Reviewed: Funk Off Piercing Deodorant: Charcoal NO Gems
, Saginaw, MI, UNITED STATES - 11/21/2012
Body Jewelry