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Anatometal: Stainless Steel Segment Ring

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This stainless steel segment ring is crafted with great pride by Anatometal. Only the finest materials are used, and each piece is hand polished to a mirror finish.

Segment rings work like captive bead rings, but rather than a bead that comes out of the ring, it's a segment of the ring. The segment portion of the ring has little "nubs" that fit into corresponding holes in the ring ends. Segment = male, ring ends = female. Segment rings are actually more difficult to open than captive bead rings because the ring must be opened a bit wider to allow the nubs to come out of the ring ends. You may want to invest in ring opening pliers to help with the task, especially for larger gauge rings.



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Absolutely amazing product! I actually ordered a 4g 5/8 ring custom and let me tell you, I've never seen a more perfect piece of jewelry ever. Brought this to my piercer to have him put it in to it being a tad tight to open but even he took a minute to even find the segment due to the stunning polish job. Other than being difficult to open, which is expected at the higher gauges, this is a product totally work the price tag. I recommend for everyone in the market for a quality piece.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Segment Ring: 6g 5/8"
, Hartford, CT, UNITED STATES - 8/19/2016
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