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H2Ocean: H2Ocean Purified Ocean Salt Water Piercing Aftercare Spray - 1.5 OZ

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H2Ocean - Purified Ocean Saltwater Overview

H2Ocean products are enriched with over 60 trace elements and minerals from the richest coral reefs of the ocean along with natural antibacterial enzymes which kill bacteria & help protect healthy living cells. Purified Ocean Salt Water is the only aftercare product that is natural to your body.

Natural Healing & Cleansing Solution H2Ocean safely removes dried discharge and lymph secretion when used every 2-3 hours. H2Ocean increases circulation to the body or mouth piercing and accelerates the healing process. It will also help reduce lumps and scars.

This formula remains sterile in our state of the art can. H2Ocean non-aerosol dry mist sprayer is ozone friendly and the can itself is recyclable. It is vital when taking care of a piercing to make sure that bacteria isn't introduced to the affected area, The only way to do this is by using a sterile formula like H2Ocean.

How does H2Ocean Work?

Just spray on pierced area and allow solution to dry and absorb into the skin. H2Ocean’s formula will start attacking the cell walls of bad bacteria and continue fighting off bacteria for up to 4-5 hours. Remember our formula does not harm any good bacteria essential to healing the body. The natural sea salt, which contains essential minerals, then goes to work feeding your body what it needs to nourish and increase cell regeneration. H2Ocean is the only aftercare formula that contains both the antibiotic and healing agent in a sterile easy to use package.

How often should I use H2Ocean?

We recommend spraying the solution on the piercing every 3-4 hours, because the enzyme (lysozyme) will remain active killing bad bacteria for 4-5 hours. This will ensure that no infection will occur. The salinity level of this product is lower than the human body therefore no burning will occur on the piercing. You can not overuse this product.




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This product did its job for a piercing that needed a little help in healing. The size was perfect I could put this in my bag for on the go. Highly recommend!

Item Reviewed: H2Ocean Purified Ocean Salt Water Piercing Aftercare Spray - 1.5 OZ
, Northern Cambria, , UNITED STATES - 10/4/2016
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