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Hollywood: Stainless Steel Tribal Captive Bead Ring


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SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (order 2 for a pair).

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This captive bead ring is tapered from one side of the bead (where the ring "begins") to the other side (where the ring "ends"). The gauge is measured at the wearable part of the ring (where the ring would sit in your piercing when it's hanging naturally due to it's center of gravity). This ring is a bit heavier than other captives because of the taper. The inside diameter of all gauges is 1/2", and all gauges have a 5mm bead.



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I've never seen captive rings like these before. I cant wait to wear them.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Tribal Captive Bead Ring: 6g
, Atlanta, , UNITED STATES - 12/11/2011
Body Jewelry

These earrings are amazing! It took a little while for me to get them in but you'll have that with captives... once in though, they have a nice weight to them but not too heavy! and they shine and the cut is SO much more interesting than just a regular hoop! Its a great addition to my collection!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Tribal Captive Bead Ring: 8g
, Pittsburgh, PA, UNITED STATES - 11/22/2011
Body Jewelry