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I've also just recommended you to a friend of mine looking for the same solution to the problem I was having. Your service has been fantastic, thank you so much :)"
- Charese Vaccaro , Delray Beach , FL - 1/3/2013

Urban Star Organics: Pair of Bone Irian Jaya Eyelets - PB48

Limited To Stock On Hand 

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Quantity:  Sold as a pair.
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This pair of eyelets is hand carved from water buffalo bone. The bone is harvested sustainably as it is the by-product of a major food source in Indonesia. These eyelets are double flared, and all gauges have a 3/8" wearable length between the flares. The back flare is gentle, so you may want to pick up some o-rings too.

  • Organic body jewelry is hand made of natural materials, so gauge, length, color and design may vary. Such differences are NOT considered a defect.
  • You can expect that you will receive a pair of jewelry (including each individual piece within the pair) that is within .5 mm of stated size for jewelry up to 1/2" gauge (12.5 mm) and within 1mm of stated size for jewelry larger than 1/2" gauge. If you receive a pair that is not an EXACT match, please know that is the best matched pair we had on hand.
  • Jewelry is extremely delicate, especially in smaller gauges. Your breaking it does NOT make it defective.
  • Jewelry is NOT to be worn while sleeping, bathing, or playing sports.
  • Jewelry is intended for completely healed piercings.
  • Jewelry is NOT intended to be worn in a mucus membrane.
  • Jewelry is NOT intended for stretching.
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All time favorite plugs. I tend to go for single flare out of ease. However I never struggle getting these double flares in. They have a rounded off end which makes twisting and tilting more comfortable. Can wear for days or weeks at a time without bother. Easily cleaned and never chipped or discolored. Have had two years and if I lost them today I would reorder.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Bone Irian Jaya Eyelets: 2g
- Abby Hiatt , Olympia , WA , UNITED STATES - 3/20/2015
Body Jewelry

WOW! I have a LOT of plugs but these are the NICEST! The carving on these is beautiful and amazingly detailed. So delicate and striking at the same time.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Bone Irian Jaya Eyelets: 2g
- Jen , Cornish , NH , UNITED STATES - 12/9/2011
Body Jewelry

I LOVE these eyelets. When I received my order, I was shocked at how beautifully they're carved. More stunning than the pictures on the site. Perfect for more formal events, when you're feeling a bit more feminine, or surprising your body-mod disapproving parents.

However, the flare was a little large for my ear, its difficult and sometimes painful to remove them.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Bone Irian Jaya Eyelets: 2g
- Haleigh , Azusa , CA , UNITED STATES - 11/25/2011
Body Jewelry

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