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Halftone: Acrylic Leopard Wrap Spiral

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This Acrylic spiral has a fun leopard print pattern. No o-rings are included, so be sure to get some if you think you'll need them!



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Acrylic Leopard Wrap Spiral: 6g Brown
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These spirals are comfortable and easy to slide in. The leopard print is awesome and really shows well even on smaller gauges. These are my favorite spirals.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Leopard Wrap Spiral: 2g Grey
, Winter Springs, FL, UNITED STATES - 9/1/2012
Body Jewelry

These spirals are awesome. Even on the small 6g the leopard print looks great the web image made the design look a little scrunched but I took a chance and Im glad I did.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Leopard Wrap Spiral: 6g Brown
, Allentown, PA, UNITED STATES - 8/21/2012
Body Jewelry

Everybody loves the way these look on me. Anyone who likes animal print should definitely consider buying these. The spiral draws even more attention to how awesome they look. They are edgy and they look great!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Leopard Wrap Spiral: 2g Brown
, Seneca Falls, NY, UNITED STATES - 8/2/2012
Body Jewelry