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Kaos Softwear: Silicone Star Plug - Solid Color - BLEMISHED

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SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (order 2 for a pair).

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This plug is a factory second. That means that you get them for 1/2 of the regular retail price! Each plug has some kind of imperfection that means it can not be sold at regular retail price. Some of the imperfections could be: thin flare, off color or color bleed on two-color items, flashing from the mold that needs to be cut away, small piece of silicone missing. Anything that makes it less than perfect. Most items you wouldn't even know it had a blemish without looking super close.. Other colors and sizes will be for sale as we get them from Kaos. All gauges smaller than 3/4" have a 5/16" wearable length, and 3/4" and larger have a 3/8" wearable length.

PLEASE NOTE: These products are NOT perfect. You are ordering a product that has some kind of blemish.

Double Flare


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Silicone Star Plug - Solid Color - BLEMISHED: 1" White
1 Inch White
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Absolutely love these. Easy to put in, simple, and durable.

Item Reviewed: Silicone Star Plug - Solid Color - BLEMISHED: 1/2" Black
, Spokane, WA, UNITED STATES - 7/17/2013
Body Jewelry