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LeRoi: Stainless Steel Continuous Heart Shaped Ring

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The simplest body jewelry ring with no beads to lose. Simply bend the ends apart as you would a key ring, insert into your piercing and bend the ends back. To maintain the shape of the ring, it's best to bend the ends side to side, so that the diameter of the ring remains the same, then bend them back together after insertion. Some larger gauge rings may be already opened for you, so you only have to bend them closed. This 316LVM ASTM F-138 stainless steel ring is annealed for ease of bending and highly polished.

This continuous ring is shaped like a heart! The size is measured at the widest part of the heart.


Not threaded

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Stainless Steel Continuous Heart Shaped Ring: 16g 3/8"
16g Heart, 6g kaos hot pink eyelet, 0g solid plug
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Easy to insert, looks great!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Continuous Heart Shaped Ring: 16g 5/16"
, Lansdowne, PA, UNITED STATES - 4/29/2016
Body Jewelry

Very difficult to bend back into a heart after opening it up for insertion. My ear is now red from failed attempts and I have still yet to close it. Any suggestions?
Editor's Note: seam rings need to be opened like a key ring rather than pulled apart from side to side.
Editor's Note: doubleclickhere.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Continuous Heart Shaped Ring: 16g 3/8"
, Denver, CO, UNITED STATES - 11/3/2012
Body Jewelry