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Urban Star Organics: Pair of Crocodile Wood Rose Plugs - PWC38

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Each pair of these beautiful Rose Plugs is hand carved in Indonesia from crocodile wood. These plugs are double flared, however the back flare is very gentle, so you might want to get some o-rings. This pair of crocodile wood rose plugs has a smooth wearable area with the distinctive star of Urban Star carved on the back. 2g through 7/8" have a 5/16" wearable area, and 1" and larger have a 3/8" wearable area. The dimensions across the rose are as follows:
  • 8g - 2g = 1/2" rose
  • 0g = 5/8" rose
  • 00g = 5/8" rose
  • 7/16" = 11/16" rose
  • 1/2" = 3/4" rose
  • 9/16" = 7/8" rose
  • 5/8" = 1-1/16" rose
  • 3/4" = 1-1/4" rose
  • 7/8" = 1-3/8" rose
  • 1" = 1-1/2" rose

Please note: These plugs will be available in more sizes between 1" and 2", they just have not been produced yet. They will be available here as soon as they are produced!

Double Flare

Not threaded

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Pair of Crocodile Wood Rose Plugs: 2g
Pair of Crocodile Wood Rose Plugs: 6g
The detail is amazing at this size!
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These are really detailed and really nice. They work perfectly with dress-up or dress-down. The crocodile wood is a nice mild yellow color that is very low key. The flares are sharp but not overly big. I really like these!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Crocodile Wood Rose Plugs: 2g
, Cornish, NH, UNITED STATES - 1/26/2012
Body Jewelry

The plugs are beautiful. The roses are a little larger in diameter than my ear lobe which gives a fuller effect. The order was shipped quickly and the craftsmanship is wonderful. The plugs look EXACTLY like the picture on the website.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Crocodile Wood Rose Plugs: 1/2"
, Cicero, NY, UNITED STATES - 5/31/2011
Body Jewelry