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- Charese Vaccaro , Delray Beach , FL - 1/3/2013

EyeSmack Body Jewelry: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet

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Quantity:  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (order 2 for a pair).
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This titanium eyelet is lighter than a stainless steel eyelet, and it's double flared so there's no need for o-rings. This eyelet is available in 2g, 0g, 00g, and 1/2", and all gauges have a 5/16" wearable length between the flares.

These eyelets are factory seconds. The flares may vary in height and the inside of the eyelet may not have a perfectly smooth finish. If that works for you, you're in luck! We're blowing these out at 33% OFF the regular retail price.

Brand: EyeSmack Body Jewelry
Style: Eyelets, Flesh Tunnels & Spools
Flare: Double Flare
Threading: Not threaded (Threading Help)
Keywords: gauges, plug, tube plug, tunnel
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I loved the weight of these and how comfortable they were at first, but the flares were very sharp and large. I found them cutting into my ears while I slept and I had to practically force them out. I personally don't see myself ever wearing these again.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 0g
- Vikki , Somersworth , NH , UNITED STATES - 8/10/2013
Body Jewelry

These are pretty good. I liked how much easier they where to slide in unlike the plastics. But that's just my opinion.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 2g
- Daniel Seiber , Duff , TN , UNITED STATES - 5/3/2013
Body Jewelry

I love these simple double flared eyelets. They're weightless and keep my ears happy. I plan to order the next size up in these and probably as long as I keep stretching. Can't go wrong with double flared eyelets! A must have!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 1/2"
- Elizabeth Smith , Cincinnati , OH , UNITED STATES - 3/28/2013
Body Jewelry

very nice tunnels

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 1/2"
- Richard Young , Westfield , MA , UNITED STATES - 3/8/2013
Body Jewelry

I LOVE these! It was hard for me to find some like this that were cheap and comfortable.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 00g
- Bianca Marhx , Concord , CA , UNITED STATES - 1/12/2013
Body Jewelry

I took one look at these and I knew I had to have them. I'm a sucker for titanium and these are great. The flare is perfect sized.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 0g
- Shadow , Glens Falls , NY , UNITED STATES - 11/3/2012
Body Jewelry

These are very comfortable and the flares are very gentle. Great deal for the price.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 2g
- Erin , Orlando , FL , UNITED STATES - 8/9/2012
Body Jewelry

These are so comfortable. I can wear these for longer amounts of time since theyre made of titanium-. Less nickle, less bothersome on my lobes. The flares seem to be perfectly sized to keep them in my lobes too.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Double Flared Eyelet: 00g
- Alissa , Newmarket , , CANADA - 8/11/2011
Body Jewelry

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