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- Charese Vaccaro , Delray Beach , FL - 1/3/2013

Hollywood Body Jewelry: Neon Acrylic Single Flared Yin Yang Plug

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In Chinese Philosophy, the concept of Yin Yang is used to describe how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. This acrylic plug depict the symbol on both sides, one side is rimmed by your choice of 5 colors, and on 8g through 2g, the other side is the symbol alone with no color around the edge. 0g and 00g have color around the edge on both sides. This plug is available in 6 gauges, from 8g to 00g. All gauges have a 5/16" wearable length from the back of the front flare to the included o-ring.

Blue, green, and pink are UV reactive.
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These are cute! The price was also super reasonable. Because mine are such a small size, you really can't see the yin yang unless you look up-close. Great, basic plugs.

Item Reviewed: Neon Acrylic Single Flared Yin Yang Plug: 8g Neon Purple
- Laura , Norwalk , , UNITED STATES - 7/1/2014
Body Jewelry

I sometimes wear these backwards. I feel that I got 2 different plugs!

Item Reviewed: Neon Acrylic Single Flared Yin Yang Plug: 6g Neon Blue
- CherMar , N. Merrick , NY , UNITED STATES - 6/29/2012
Body Jewelry

These are cute. I can flip them around and use the O-ring as a black border instead of the pink if I am not feeling in a pink mood!

Item Reviewed: Neon Acrylic Single Flared Yin Yang Plug: 4g Neon Pink
- JC , Madison , , UNITED STATES - 2/4/2012
Body Jewelry

They are such an eye-catcher and attention grabber! They're very comfortable as well!

Item Reviewed: Neon Acrylic Single Flared Yin Yang Plug: 8g Neon Blue
- Brian , Manassas , , UNITED STATES - 1/5/2012
Body Jewelry

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