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Steel Navel: Steel Navel Assassin

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In some circumstances, Steel Navel may need to send an assassin directly to your home or workplace. Please feel free to add a few to your order. We've designed them to have zero weight, while retaining full potency, so they will have no effect on the cost of your shipping. They make great companions; at least temporarily!!

Please note that this is a joke. We wont really ship a steel navel assassin to your home. Or will we?


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I got a wonderful prompt response after ordering my ninja assassin. This is the best thing ever, and I didn't have to get my hands dirty in the process. Leave it up to these guys. They know what they are doing. Thank you for the amazing customer service. You guys really made my day.

Item Reviewed: Steel Navel Assassin: Ninja
- Rianon , Tempe , AZ , UNITED STATES - 2/2/2015
Body Jewelry

I didn't get anything :/
Editor's Note: The Steel Navel Assassins are a joke. But aren't you glad we didn't actually send one!?

Item Reviewed: Steel Navel Assassin: Ninja
- Alex , EDCOUCH , TX , UNITED STATES - 1/13/2014
Body Jewelry

Umm...I don't know what I should've received as its my first time ordering the Crazed Lunatic. I didn't see the guy... maybe that's a good thing? I was looking in the box...but I saw nothing. Seriously, what was I supposed to see?
Editor's Note: The assassins are a joke...

Item Reviewed: Steel Navel Assassin: Crazed Lunatic
- Alex , Edcouch , TX , UNITED STATES - 9/10/2013
Body Jewelry


Item Reviewed: Steel Navel Assassin: Crazed Lunatic
- Annie , Portland , OR , UNITED STATES - 2/19/2012
Body Jewelry

WOW! Wasn't expecting that! D

Item Reviewed: Steel Navel Assassin: Ninja
- Zach Christmas , Lansing , MI , UNITED STATES - 12/10/2011
Body Jewelry

Crazed lunatic for
all your assassination
needs. Get em right here!

Item Reviewed: Steel Navel Assassin: Crazed Lunatic
- Annie , St. Louis , MO , UNITED STATES - 5/4/2011
Body Jewelry

Bree left me a note, I'm the first person to receive an assassin, ever! To be honest, these guys didn't pack much of a punch, but at this value, who cares? I don't suggest using them in really high-stakes circumstances, they're not quite IS or Anatometal quality, but absolutely the best you can get for free!

Item Reviewed: Steel Navel Assassin: Ninja
- Annie , St. Louis , MO , UNITED STATES - 12/18/2010
Body Jewelry