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Hollywood: Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug

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The cost of real amber continues to rise, making the purchase of real amber plugs prohibitive for most of us. This double flared plug is made from an acrylic synthetic amber. As with real amber, no two plugs are the same. Each one has inclusions just like real amber. If you like the look of amber, this affordable plug is a nice alternative.

All gauges are about 1/2" long end-to-end, with a wearable area of about 5/16". Larger gauges have a slightly shorter wearable area.

  • The 6g, 4g, and 2g have pretty big flares and should only be worn in well-healed holes. For example: The 6g flares are almost 2g.
  • The 00g for this product is 10mm.

Double Flare


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Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug: 0g
Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug: 1/2"
Picture doesn't do it justice. The color is very rich and looks very much like real amber.
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Very happy with the product for how cheap they are. Very light.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug: 0g
, Surton, ON, CANADA - 8/25/2016
Body Jewelry

Great color! Love these!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug: 1/2"
, Lubbock, , UNITED STATES - 1/24/2015
Body Jewelry

I was so excited for these earrings. I have two sets of gauges in my ears, 5/8 and 2g. I purchased a set of these earrings for each gauge. The 5/8 plugs are beautiful and resemble real amber. I was very disappointed that the 2g plugs are very yellow and do not have the same amber tint as the larger size. The point of buying matching sets was to have them look the same. It is not worth the time and cost to send the 2g earrings back.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug: 2g
, Richmond, , UNITED STATES - 12/10/2014
Body Jewelry

I have these and love the way they look. They look like real amber! I had gotten a pair off another website and was disappointed in how fake it looked. These ones actually appear to be real and I'm so glad I got them!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug: 1"
, Wahiawa, HI, UNITED STATES - 7/12/2013
Body Jewelry

I've had a pair of o-ringed amber plugs for years. I like them, but they never feel secure. The flares on these synthetics are nice and deep, and also make the surface a little bigger, to catch more light and really show off the internal texture. A great plug that's a little outside the ordinary.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Synthetic Amber Double Flared Plug: 5/8"
, State College, PA, UNITED STATES - 2/13/2013
Body Jewelry