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- Charese Vaccaro , Delray Beach , FL - 1/3/2013

Hollywood Body Jewelry: UV Acrylic Segment Ring

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This acrylic segment ring has a small segment of the ring held captive by the ring creating a nearly seamless ring. It is available in 6 gauges and 5 colors. 8g has an inside diameter of 1/2", 6g through 0g have an inside diameter of 5/8", and 00g has an inside diameter of 3/4". These are much lighter than metal, and are a great alternative to metal for use during medical procedures!

All colors are UV reactive EXCEPT Black
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worked well in my earlobes and the segments do not fall out. I usually just wear them without the pieces and they look good too.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Segment Ring: 8g 1/2" UV Blue
- nick , Hartford , CT , UNITED STATES - 6/6/2013
Body Jewelry

I bought these to wear during my surgery, the segment pops off and on easily but the ring edges are far too rough for insertion! I was afraid of injury! My piercings are well healed at 10 years. Waste of money!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Segment Ring: 8g 1/2" UV Blue
- Melissa , Woodbridge , VA , UNITED STATES - 1/25/2013
Body Jewelry

I can't get over how awesome these are. They glow SO brightly. The segment holds perfectly.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Segment Ring: 00g 3/4" UV Green
- Shadow , Albany , NY , UNITED STATES - 4/21/2012
Body Jewelry

These are easily my favorite rings by far. Ive been able to leave them in for days at a time without having to worry about extra stretching or discomfort. Because of the light weight of the rings you barely even notice they are there.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Segment Ring: 0g 5/8" Black
- Brandon , Cleveland , GA , UNITED STATES - 12/5/2011
Body Jewelry

Comfortable. Haven't broken them yet, which is rare for me, so I'd have to say for acrylic, they are constructed well.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Segment Ring: 6g 5/8" UV Blue
- Odie , Eden , TX , UNITED STATES - 12/4/2010
Body Jewelry

Wow!! They're huge!! These will make you realize just how big those holes in your head are haha. Despite their size they are light & no trouble at all to put in. Snap together with a click. These are my first rings I usually wear plugs or eyelets & thought they would be uncomfortable, but after a few minutes I didn't even feel them.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Segment Ring: 00g 3/4" Black
- Jenny , Gander , , CANADA - 10/7/2010
Body Jewelry

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