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Luciferins: Pair of Glass Double Flared Luciferins - Purple on Clear (8g -1/2")

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Sold as a pair.

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  • Luciferins have the same visual properties as Industrial Strength's long-gone satin dichro plugs.
  • They can be scratched similarly to the satin dichro, but have held up well in testing.
  • The color is permanently and professionally bonded to the front of the plugs only, not the wearable.
  • They should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth without solvents.
  • The first color of the color combination is the color of the coating, while the second color is the color of the color front plug or, in the case of clear, a solid clear plug.
  • All plugs have a 5/16" wearable area and dome flares.
  • 8g-0g will have oversized but reasonable front flares (5mm for 8-6g, 6mm for 4g, 8mm for 2g, 10mm for 0g).
  • Luciferins are brought to you by Lish Daelnar, AKA lishd on LiveJournal.

Double Flare


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