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Wildcat: Titanium Segment Ring with Super High Polish Finish

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This titanium segment ring is made from grade 23 titanium. It has a Super Polish Ti-Glo™ Finish.

This titanium segment ring has a small segment of the ring held captive by the ring creating a nearly seamless ring. Please check out the larger photo and our segment ring FAQ to see how these rings work. This ring is available in seven metric gauges and several inside diameters, making it ideal for a variety of piercings.



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As other reviews of this product have mentioned, they just miss a five star rating due to a tiny bit of play in the link tension... otherwise a fantastic product especially for the price! Now if the 12g version just came in 3/8...

Item Reviewed: Titanium Segment Ring with Super Polish Ti-Glo Finish: 1.6mm 10mm
, Middlebury, VT, UNITED STATES - 7/27/2014
Body Jewelry

I love this ring because of its seamless look. Titanium of course to keep the weight down.

My only complaint and its a small one is that the segment doesn't fit as tightly as it could and you will have a tiny, tiny amount of play in it. Just a bit snugger would be better but its far from a deal breaker. Great piece of jewelry.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Segment Ring with Super Polish Ti-Glo Finish: 2.4mm 13mm
, Bridgeport, CT, UNITED STATES - 11/15/2012
Body Jewelry