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Steel Navel: Gauge Reference Card

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The gauge reference card is a great tool for organizing all your jewelry. Now you can check the gauge, length, or diameter of all your body jewelry.

If you want more to hand out to friends and family, just let us know in your order comments and we'll be glad to include more in your order.

Here's a list of everything included on the front of the Gauge Reference Card:
  • Accurate gauge measuring marks from 20g through 3".
  • Accurate 3" U.S. imperial ruler.
  • Accurate 8cm (80mm) metric ruler.
  • customer service contact information.
Here's a list of everything included on the back of the Gauge Reference Card:
  • Accurate diameters from 1/16" through 1/2".
  • Accurate diameters from 3mm through 12mm.
  • A gauge conversion table for gauges 20g through 1" that includes gauge, metric, and decimal inches. This is awesome for setting your digital calipers.
Uses for the Gauge Reference Card:
  • A slight wedge to balance furniture. May be folded over for extra thickness.
  • Book mark.
  • Cleaning points on both cars and motorcycles.
  • Crumb scraper.
  • Fingernail cleaner.
  • Give your fridge magnets something to do.
  • Hand one to every pierced person you know or meet to help spread the word about
  • Noisemakers for your bike.
  • Tooth pick.
Brand: Steel Navel
Style: Tools and Tapers
Flare: N/A
Threading: Not threaded (Threading Help)
Materials: Supplies & Tools
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Cant live without this neat little reference card. I keep it next to all my tapers, plugs, etc.. a must have for everyone. AND ITS FREE!

Item Reviewed: Gauge Card
- Meghan , North Hills , CA , UNITED STATES - 7/9/2012
Body Jewelry

These little cards come in handy when you're not sure what size the jewelry sitting in your plugs box is. It's great for measuring the flares to jewelry too.

Item Reviewed: Gauge Card
- Alice H , Lenoir , NC , UNITED STATES - 12/28/2010
Body Jewelry

Very useful a must have I keep it in my wallet for two very useful purposes: 1 when I want to measure any piercings 2 when people ask me where I got my awesome piercing jewelry, and tell them where to get it as well. Not to mention the fact its free!

Item Reviewed: Gauge Card
- Aloysha Kang , Austin , TX , UNITED STATES - 11/21/2009
Body Jewelry

This is very handy for anyone involved with piercings, particularly those interested in stretching. Its a fool-proof way to find your next gauge.

Item Reviewed: Gauge Card
- Sarah Wilkinson , Campbell River , BC , CANADA - 11/19/2009
Body Jewelry

Helpful little card. Was sick of guessing the size of my plugs.

Item Reviewed: Gauge Card
- Kurt Ereckson , Cromwell , , NEW ZEALAND - 11/16/2009
Body Jewelry

Very handy when you have jewelry from years ago laying around. Can finally label the jewelry and even tell my boyfriend what gauge he's in!

Item Reviewed: Gauge Card
- Charis Stanley , Wellington , KS , UNITED STATES - 9/30/2009
Body Jewelry

Very helpful little thing! I had some old plugs in my jewelry box that I needed to label and put in my baggies, and this was exactly what I needed. Thank you for an awesome free product!

Item Reviewed: Gauge Card
- Jaci , Lena , IL , UNITED STATES - 9/8/2009
Body Jewelry

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