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Halftone: Acrylic Single Flared Skull Logo Plug

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This acrylic single flared plug is available with your choice of five skull images.
  • The logo image is encased in a slightly rounded dome of acrylic
  • The back of the plug is flat and grooved for the included o-ring
  • 2g through 0g have a 5/16" wearable area
  • 00g through 1/2" have a 3/8" wearable area
  • 9/16" through 1" have a 7/16" wearable area

Please be aware that these are molded plugs and the back ends tend to have a textured look. Some may look a bit "scuffed" on the end but this is just how they are made. Apparently it's the texture of the mold.

Single Flare


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Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 1/2" Sugar Skull
looks great in 1/2 inch
Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 5/8" Day of the Dead
Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 3/4" Skull
Skull and Bones 3/4
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Bought these for just as a filler between gauges, good price for filler plugs.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 9/16" Sugar Skull
, Columbus, OH, UNITED STATES - 7/19/2012
Body Jewelry

Bought these as a Christmas gift for my sister, and she is very satisfied with the style and comfortable wear!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 1/2" Sugar Skull
, Las Vegas, NV, UNITED STATES - 1/11/2012
Body Jewelry

Wow are these cute! Size is dead on, look really cute, and at a smaller size I can even wear them to work without getting those looks. I plan on getting more of these in all of the different face styles. One thing to note is that the groove for the o-ring is deep, so these babies aren't coming off on accident.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 2g Sugar Skull
, Beach, ND, UNITED STATES - 10/16/2010
Body Jewelry

I got these in the mail today. They're actually really pretty, but I was disappointed with them. The groove is WAY too deep, it took about 10 minutes to get my earlobe out of the groove, and it was painful trying to get them in. I also had problems getting the o-ring on AND off because of it.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 2g Day of the Dead
, Milton, WV, UNITED STATES - 10/15/2010
Body Jewelry

I fell in love with these plugs when I got them. They're great quality, long lasting even with everyday wear, comfy, unique, and well worth it!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 0g Sugar Skull
, Houston, TX, UNITED STATES - 6/29/2010
Body Jewelry

When in the sun they have red and black lines in the back ground. Would recommend.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Logo Plug: 5/8" Monkey
, Bay City, TX, UNITED STATES - 6/19/2010
Body Jewelry