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Halftone Bodyworks: Acrylic Single Flared Tie Dye Plug

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This acrylic single flared tie dye plug may have a spiral design or they may be swirly. Each plug has a groove to hold the included o-ring in place. All gauges are about 1/2" long with a wearable area of about 5/16" between the o-ring and flare.

Please be aware that these are molded plugs and the ends tend to have a textured look. Some may look a bit "scuffed" on the end but this is just how they are made. Apparently it's the texture of the mold.
Brand: Halftone Bodyworks
Style: Plugs
Flare: Single Flare
Threading: Not threaded (Threading Help)
Materials: Acrylic
Piercings: Ear Lobe
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These plugs are great for a psychedelic time! I love them. They are fun and always catch someone's eye. I love the fact that the groove is deep enough to keep the o-ring on there good. Only thing is you must clean it often cause bacteria will build up in the groove. Other than that I highly suggest buying these!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Tie Dye Pug: 00g Green
- Sam Chevalier , Saylorsburg , PA , UNITED STATES - 12/16/2010
Body Jewelry

These things are pretty cute. I've always been drawn to the plug styles with swirls, and these are my first pair with them. I wear them in my inner conches. the flare style isn't the most comfortable for my particular usage, especially since I wear headphones a lot, but I still like them. The groove for the o-ring is a nice plus, but be warned it is a harsh one. I've got to make sure to lube up real well before insertion, something I don't need to do with other plugs for these specific piercings. I think with well healed lobes and a bit of oil these guys should be just fine, though. I wear them both ways as well, since the design goes throughout the front and back. I might try other colors in the future.

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Single Flared Tie Dye Plug: 7/16"g White
- eatenplacenta , Welland , ON , CANADA - 3/5/2010
Body Jewelry

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