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Wildcat: Acrylic Double Flared Elektro Plug

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The double flared Electro plug is made from black acrylic. One end has a colored circuit board encased in clear acrylic. The wearable width of all gauges is about 1/4".

Double Flare


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Acrylic Double Flared Elektro Plug: 20mm 1/4" Green
lish's 20mm elektroplugs with 4ga DIY Match
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Being a giant geek, I definitely needed some plugs with little bits of circuit board inside! I chose green, which seemed very traditional, and hoped for some interesting segment of board in my pair. They didn't disappoint - its like I'm running tiny computers in my lobes! I wasn't sure if Id get a perfect match, but these are pretty much identical. Definitely a cool idea. I wish they came in a true 1/2, since 12mm is smaller than most of my plugs, and these have such smooth and gentle flares that they aren't as secure as other plugs. But I wouldn't give them up for anything. I've been elektrofied!

Item Reviewed: Acrylic Double Flared Elektro Plug: 12mm 1/4" Green
, Washington, DC, UNITED STATES - 2/20/2010
Body Jewelry