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Baby Bonez: Pair of Bone Hooks - BY43

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Borneo Joe's Baby Bonez skull hooks.

  • Organic body jewelry is hand made of natural materials, so gauge, length, color and design may vary. Such differences are NOT considered a defect.

  • For items that come in pairs, you can expect that you will receive a pair of jewelry (including each individual piece within the pair) that is within .5 mm of stated size for jewelry up to 1/2" (12.5 mm) and within 1mm of stated size for jewelry larger than 1/2". If you receive a pair that is not an EXACT match, please know that is the best matched pair available.

  • Jewelry is extremely delicate, especially in smaller gauges. Your breaking it does NOT make it defective.

  • Jewelry is not to be worn while sleeping, bathing, or playing sports.

  • Jewelry is intended for completely healed piercings.

  • Other than labret styles, jewelry is not intended to be worn in a mucus membrane.

  • Jewelry is not intended for stretching.


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I loved these, they were really strong for the size and even if I did manage to break them, I was sanding the hook smaller because the gap didn't fit my fat lobe. I would definitely recommend others to buy these.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Bone Hooks - BY43: 10g
, Brisbane, NS, AUSTRALIA - 12/18/2014
Body Jewelry

These are pretty nicely carved and have good detail on the faces. They're not that heavy, either. I would say they're a fun item for a party or dress-up. :)

Item Reviewed: Pair of Bone Hooks - BY43: 8g
, Seagrove, NC, UNITED STATES - 5/10/2013
Body Jewelry