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- Charese Vaccaro , Delray Beach , FL - 1/3/2013

Urban Star Organics: Pair of Horn Double Flared Irian Jaya Eyelets - PHB11

Limited To Stock On Hand 

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Quantity:  Sold as a pair.
Price:  $9.38 - $21.25 & eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. See details.
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This pair of double flared "Irian Jaya" eyelets are made from horn. The wearable area is about 3/8".

  • Organic body jewelry is hand made of natural materials, so gauge, length, color and design may vary. Such differences are NOT considered a defect.
  • You can expect that you will receive a pair of jewelry (including each individual piece within the pair) that is within .5 mm of stated size for jewelry up to 1/2" gauge (12.5 mm) and within 1mm of stated size for jewelry larger than 1/2" gauge. If you receive a pair that is not an EXACT match, please know that is the best matched pair we had on hand.
  • Jewelry is extremely delicate, especially in smaller gauges. Your breaking it does NOT make it defective.
  • Jewelry is NOT to be worn while sleeping, bathing, or playing sports.
  • Jewelry is intended for completely healed piercings.
  • Jewelry is NOT intended to be worn in a mucus membrane.
  • Jewelry is NOT intended for stretching.
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These are so beautiful! It just something different than a normal eyelet.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Horn Double Flared Irian Jaya Eyelets: 0g
- Linda , Rotterdam , , NETHERLANDS - 3/29/2012
Body Jewelry

Great detail on these plugs. Wood has become my new favorite material for plugs and these hold to that. They also appear to be a larger size in your ear because of the flare out which I like.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Horn Double Flared Irian Jaya Eyelets: 00g
- Stephen , Pittsburgh , PA , UNITED STATES - 6/21/2011
Body Jewelry

The detail on these is wonderful. You wouldn't expect so much detail with the price these are offered for. The flare on the back isn't too bad, but it is there. They are very lightweight & make the hole seem a little bigger than it is with the way the front flare is done.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Horn Double Flared Irian Jaya Eyelets: 2g
- Erin , Orlando , FL , UNITED STATES - 3/21/2011
Body Jewelry

I cant get over how PRETTY these are. They're my new favorite piece of jewelry. It really does look like a little horn flower is sticking out of my lobes. haha! the only issue I'm having with them is that the wearable are is a little too small for me. This is easily fixed with an o-ring, although that does cause a little tightness. Nothing to worry about though.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Horn Double Flared Irian Jaya Eyelets: 5/8"
- Justin Boeser , Isleton , CA , UNITED STATES - 8/7/2010
Body Jewelry

I had these in a 0g and bought them again in 7/16... I just need to say that the flares on these are BIG and SHARP. I had to file them down a little bit to keep them from cutting my lobes. Once you get them in though, they are soooo pretty. I'm going to buy these at every size I end up stretching to.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Horn Double Flared Irian Jaya Eyelets: 7/16"
- Rachel , Philadelphia , PA , UNITED STATES - 6/12/2010
Body Jewelry

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