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Halftone: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer

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This economical stainless steel septum retainer is made from 316L implant grade stainless steel and is available in 16g, 14g, 12g, and 10g.


Not threaded

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Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 14g
Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 10g
this retainer is great for it's price! very smooth and comfortable and easy to flip up into the nose.
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I bought this as a backup for my current septum jewelry since I lose the balls all the time cx It's a little long for my nose but still a good product

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 16g
, Iowa City, IA, UNITED STATES - 2/7/2015
Body Jewelry

I usually hate how septum retainers looks when flipped down, but I actually like this one. This retainer is perfect for my nose and comfortably hides my piercing. However, I can see how a lot of people would not be able to wear it for its intended purpose. This is a great retainer for people with larger noses but may be a regrettable purchase for people with noses on the smaller side.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 14g
, Hickory, NC, UNITED STATES - 8/22/2012
Body Jewelry

Great ring I'm able to easily get it in, its a bit difficult for me to be able to flip it up. I guess cuz my piercing is kind of low but I was still able to hide it.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 14g
, San Antonio, TX, UNITED STATES - 7/6/2012
Body Jewelry

Bought this and was slightly hesitant because the picture shows the piece not being very symmetrical at all. I was very pleased when it arrived, the legs match perfectly, unlike the picture. Great piece for the price.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 10g
, Buckhannon, WV, UNITED STATES - 4/17/2011
Body Jewelry

A comfortable and secure piece to wear both down and flipped up. When flipped up, its practically invisible you'd have to be looking up my nose to see it. The two ends are slightly uneven.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 14g
, Chicago, , UNITED STATES - 8/4/2009
Body Jewelry

I got this for my girlfriend when she had difficulty putting her brand new septum piercing up. Ever since she got this she has been swinging it up and down on a whim, its great for hiding your septum piercing.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Septum Retainer: 16g
, North Miami Beach, FL, UNITED STATES - 1/31/2009
Body Jewelry