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Diablo Organics: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs

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Sold as a pair.

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  • This pair of double flared stone plugs are carved from opalite which is a synthetic opalized glass.
  • Both ends of the plug are flat.
  • These plugs are sold as a matched pair.
  • The overall length on all gauges is about 7/16" and the wearable area between the double flares is about 5/16".
  • As with all hand made organics, the gauge can vary slightly from the stated gauge. While Diablo Organics does a great job of matching the plugs within a pair, no two pairs will have the exact same color and pattern

Double Flare


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Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 0g
Worn with 14g Stainless Steel Tapered Oval Captive Bead Ring on conch
Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 8g
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I love these plugs, very comfy but sometimes I wake up in the morning to find that one of them fell out in my sleep. Not really an issue but the hole shrinks a bit if the plug was out for a while. The color is beautiful, they're like a translucent cloudy periwinkle/pale yellow and when you turn your head their appearance changes sometimes it looks more clear, sometimes it looks like a bright light blue. I love the versatility of hues!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 0g
, Kamloops, BC, CANADA - 6/29/2012
Body Jewelry

They are beautiful and the flares are just right for my ears.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 0g
, Jacksonville, AR, UNITED STATES - 6/14/2011
Body Jewelry

Easily one of my fav pair of plugs! They are smooth and beautiful! They are slightly smaller than my other 0gs, and fall out every so often, but I still love them!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 0g
, Pennsauken, NJ, UNITED STATES - 5/13/2011
Body Jewelry

I absolutely love these plugs. I wasn't sure if they were going to be too translucent for my work, but when I wore them, everyone loved them. I got so many compliments on them, and will probably buy another pair in a different style because they are so pretty!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 00g
, Port Orange, FL, UNITED STATES - 8/28/2010
Body Jewelry

Very good quality and well priced. In my opinion its not easy to find good opalite jewelry. Its either bad quality or over priced but these are neither. They have great color and aren't too cloudy. Really pop when wearing blue, but can also look subtle and almost clear at times too. very versatile.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 0g
, Manassas, VA, UNITED STATES - 7/31/2009
Body Jewelry

The flares on these double-flared pieces aren't TOO huge, and should slip into well-healed piercings fairly easily. The shine and flash on these pieces are beautiful. You can see a few flashes of red at least in the ones that I have and they're safe to wear in the shower shampoo and conditioner wont hurt them although I would avoid getting hairspray on them.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Opalite Stone Double Flared Plugs: 4g
, Terre Haute, IN, UNITED STATES - 12/15/2008
Body Jewelry