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Urban Star Organics: Pair of Coconut Wood Double Flared Plugs - PWC17


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Sold as a pair.

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This pair of double flared coconut wood plugs is available from 6 gauge through 2" including lots of in-between sizes. The overall length is about 1/2" with a wearable area of about 3/8".

Slight pairing and sizing variations are normal. No two pairs will be exactly the same. Jewelry may slightly vary from pictured items.

Double Flare

Not threaded

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These are awesome, with a beautiful speckled end grain pattern. They have a relatively short wearable length, which I appreciate, and a slight domed end. A contender for my favorite plugs.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Coconut Wood Double Flared Plugs: 6g
, Milwaukee, WI, UNITED STATES - 11/1/2010
Body Jewelry

Really great plugs. The flares are rounded off well so they're not difficult to get in, and they're super-light. Unfortunately, one of mine is almost a full gauge larger than the other, but its not super noticeable when they're in. Just have to switch off which ear gets the big one to keep everything even. I recommend them plus free jojoba oil! don't forget to add it to your cart.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Coconut Wood Double Flared Plugs: 0g
, New York, NY, UNITED STATES - 10/30/2010
Body Jewelry