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- Charese Vaccaro , Delray Beach , FL - 1/3/2013

Gorilla Glass: Glass Septum Retainer

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Got a new job? The septum retainer can be used when an undetected piercing is desired. After insertion in your septum piercing, the retainer is flipped up into the nostrils keeping the piercing open, yet virtually invisible. The septum retainer is also a popular alternative to ring type jewelry. This septum retainer is made from clear glass.


NOTE: This item is made from glass. It is hand made, not machine made, so perfection to a certain gauge and color is not always possible. Expect the gauge to vary up to 1mm larger or smaller than the stated gauge. Color intensity may vary. Variance is NOT considered a defect.
Brand: Gorilla Glass
Style: Septum Retainers
Flare: N/A
Threading: Not threaded (Threading Help)
Materials: Glass
Piercings: Septum
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The tiniest and best retainer Ive ever had, the corners are kinda sharp but its ok. And for such a tiny glass piece it never broke on me.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 16g
- Jessica , New York , NY , UNITED STATES - 11/2/2011
Body Jewelry

Perfect! Fast shipping too!

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 14g
- Shana Taylor , Fayette , AL , UNITED STATES - 8/18/2011
Body Jewelry

Like everyone else has said, this retainer is very discreet because of the clear color and the shortness of the legs. Unfortunately, I must have a narrow nose, because when I flipped it up, the ends poked me on the inside of my nostrils and it was very uncomfortable. I had to switch back to my stainless steel retainer.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 14g
- Emily , Boise , ID , UNITED STATES - 6/24/2011
Body Jewelry

This retainer was way smaller than I thought it would be, but other than that it is a great little piece of jewelry. Gotta love gorilla Glass!

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 18g
- Jacob Stanley , Jacksonville , NC , UNITED STATES - 3/28/2011
Body Jewelry

First off, the retainer I received is smaller than the catalog picture the legs are about half the length. The user-submitted pics are accurate to what I got. I LOVE the size of this retainer.. I wish I could find this size in metal or niobium, I'd buy them all. My only complaint is that the tips aren't rounded off as much as the one pictured and so sometimes when its flipped up they'll poke the inside of my nose.. A little discomfort. So overall, not as comfortable as what Ive previously had, but the size is awesome.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 10g
- Brandon , Seattle , WA , UNITED STATES - 4/19/2010
Body Jewelry

This retainer is perfect. Even if it accidentally flips down, you can barely see it. The legs/prongs are very short, in comparison to other retainers I've worn, so they dont irritate the inside of your nose as much.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 8g
- Emma , Braddock , PA , UNITED STATES - 3/30/2010
Body Jewelry

Invisible, seriously. You really need someone to get «in your face» to make that someone notice it. Really comfortable too, and I love the fact that its short, like this, you don't really feel it when you hide it up your nose.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 16g
- Sabrina Tecchio , Quebec , , CANADA - 3/12/2010
Body Jewelry

It has returned! I bought a replacement for the one of these that I broke, and its just as great as the last one! I'll get a picture of this one too, if you can even see it.

Glass is a great material, my nose absolutely loves it aka doesn't notice that its there and the retainer and I are happy and careful together.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 14g
- Annie , St. Louis , MO , UNITED STATES - 2/12/2010
Body Jewelry

This was a fabulous retainer while it lasted. It was extremely comfortable and extremely invisible, even when I accidentally pulled it down out of the tucked up position! Then, as I was washing my face one night, it fell onto the floor and broke. I'm ordering a replacement soon, and Ill save it for special occasions when people need to think I'm a square.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 14g
- Annie , St. Louis , MO , UNITED STATES - 12/20/2009
Body Jewelry

this is small and smooth. a great retainer for any septum. because the legs are relatively short the ability to hide this retainer is good. Thanks

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 12g
- mzdinah , pearl city , HI , UNITED STATES - 12/9/2009
Body Jewelry

It is a pain literally to get in, but its great. You can barely see it, and its comfortable once its in. Its great for school, work, and grandmothers. ^.^ I love it.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 16g
- Megan , Memphis , TN , UNITED STATES - 9/20/2009
Body Jewelry

An excellent retainer. You can hardly tell its there and it is light. Be careful though because I dropped mine in the bathroom and it broke on the hard floor.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 10g
- Ryan , Robbinsville , NJ , UNITED STATES - 9/17/2009
Body Jewelry

This glass retainer is awesome! It is easy to flip up and down. Either way, you can hardly tell its even there. The shortness of the legs allow for maximum discretion. It stays put, so you don't have to worry about it randomly falling out like in the shower. This is the perfect product to buy when you want to hide your septum piercing.

Item Reviewed: Glass Septum Retainer: 10g
- Shirley , Los Angeles , CA , UNITED STATES - 12/19/2008
Body Jewelry

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