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NeoMetal: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell with One Ball (Post Only)


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This barbell uses patented NeoMetal "snap-together" jewelry system. The shaft and ball are a one-piece design. The ball is not removable. All 18 gauge barbells have 3/32" balls and all 16 gauge barbells have 1/8" balls. Made from ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI implant grade titanium.

  • See below for "How it Works."
  • If the item pictured is only a post, it does NOT include the end(s). If the item pictured is only an end, it does NOT include the post.
  • NeoMetal posts require NeoMetal or Anatometal threadless ends.
  • NeoMetal threadless ends fit NeoMetal threadless posts only.
  • NeoMetal threaded ends will fit internally threaded posts from NeoMetal, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, and any others with compatible threading. We cannot guarantee the countersinking will always be the same.
  • NeoMetal has announced they will soon discontinue these 16g and 14g traditional threadless labret posts, replacing them with the new 16g and 14g universal threadless labret posts.
  • The universal post takes 18g NeoMetal ends only, NOT 16g or 14g ends.
  • All universal posts, regardless of gauge, will take only 18g ends. 18g ends have a straight pin on the back. 16g and 14g ends have a pin with a small bulb. If your end has a small bulb, it will not work with universal posts.
  • Eventually, all NeoMetal ends will be available in 18g only. ALL 18g ends will fit ALL the universal posts, regardless of the gauge of the post.



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Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell (Post Only): 18g 3/8" High Polish, with One Ball: 3/32"
3/8 Threadless on back of 2nd ear lobe peircing.
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I ordered NeoMetal 3/8 titanium implant threadless post. I love the threadless posts! I went with a 3/8 as it's slightly longer than a 5/8 and one of my ear lobes was a bit swollen. After changing to this piece the swelling went down. Had used threaded, but these are a lot more secure and most importantly, easier to put on. Just click the end in instead of having to spin the ball end. Its really good because you can just buy the ends instead of changing the entire barbell. I still chose the ball end because it's easier to clean than a labret. Yet these are better to sleep with on rather than regular earrings which poke you. I recommend this one!

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell (Post Only): 18g 3/8" High Polish, with One Ball: 3/32"
, Miami, FL, UNITED STATES - 4/24/2017
Body Jewelry

I love these. They're perfect for my Tragus and cartilage piercings. I prefer this style labret, with the fixed ball on the end, as opposed to a labret with a flat disc fixed end. The flat disc ended labrets catch on my hair and clothes, these are nice because there is less surface area for things to catch on. Titanium is also best for my ears and switching to this brand has been the best thing I've ever done for my piercings.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell (Post Only): 18g 5/16" High Polish, with One Ball: 3/32"
, El Paso, TX, UNITED STATES - 4/11/2017
Body Jewelry

These are perfect for my forward helix piercings. Love the way they connect as well.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell (Post Only): 18g 5/16" High Polish, with One Ball: 3/32"
, Hot Springs, AR, UNITED STATES - 3/14/2017
Body Jewelry

Bought this for a new helix piercing that had to be downsized. I have issues with hand dexterity and NeoMetal is easier for me. No trying to line up the top with the post and getting a couple turns on before I drop it and never see it again.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell (Post Only): 16g 1/4" High Polish, with One Ball: 1/8"
, Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES - 2/16/2017
Body Jewelry

Fits perfectly in my earlobe and very comfortable. The teal is a bit dark.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell (Post Only): 18g 3/16" Teal, with One Ball: 3/32"
, Sydney, , AUSTRALIA - 9/24/2016
Body Jewelry

I ordered three of these, for my triple forward helix. NeoMetal is easy to change, doesn't come loose, and looks amazing.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell (Post Only): 18g 3/16" Rose Gold, with One Ball: 3/32"
, San Diego, , UNITED STATES - 11/8/2015
Body Jewelry