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- Charese Vaccaro , Delray Beach , FL - 1/3/2013

NeoMetal, Inc.: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell with Two Balls

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If you need additional or replacement ends, this NeoMetal barbell requires a NeoMetal brand threadless end. No other brand or style of barbell end will fit this jewelry.

This titanium straight barbell uses the patented "snap-together" threadless jewelry system. The barbell and one ball are one piece and the other ball has a slightly curved pin to hold the ball in place. All 18 gauge barbells have 3/32" balls and all 16 gauge barbells have 1/8" balls.

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While the design is totally awesome, it is really hard to believe that this is made of stainless steel. I use this in my nose and take it out every few days for a cleaning. Within a month, the inner post had turned a dark brown, and it was not long after that that the ball attached to it turned brown as well. Now, a few months later the entire barbell -both parts- are a gross tarnished brown color. I've had minimal success polishing it. So disappointing because this is the only thing I've used in my nose that doesn't fall out constantly, but the quality is very poor.
Editor's Note: This barbell is made in the USA from titanium, not stainless steel. Titanium can sometimes change color in reaction to a person's body chemistry, and it sounds like that may be what happened here.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell: 16g 3/16" High Polish, Two Balls: 1/8"
- andrea , edmonton , AB , CANADA - 11/10/2012
Body Jewelry

They have changed the color to a lighter aqua compared to the almost peacock blue their teal used to be. Very nice

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell: 16g 3/16" Teal, Two Balls: 1/8"
- Linda , Sydney , , AUSTRALIA - 11/7/2012
Body Jewelry

these barbells fit really well in the two piercings at the top of my ear...I am quite impressed, they are nice and small so they are easily hidden by my hair when I'm at work. I love them...I think I will get more of these for my earlobes.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell: 18g 1/4" High Polish, Two Balls: 3/32"
- Michelle Sutherland , St Michael , , BARBADOS - 9/6/2012
Body Jewelry

This is so easy to insert compared to threaded barbells. The teal color is also lovely, almost two tone in different lights.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell: 16g 3/16" Teal, Two Balls: 1/8"
- Linda , Sydney , , AUSTRALIA - 4/27/2012
Body Jewelry

AMAZING! Bought these for the outer & inner conch ear piercings & also my upper helix ear piercings. They are a million times easier to put in then the threaded barbells and are great for ear piercings because the end post is changeable.

Item Reviewed: Threadless Titanium Straight Barbell: 18g 3/16" High Polish, Two Balls: 3/32"
- Brittany S. , Suffolk , VA , UNITED STATES - 4/7/2012
Body Jewelry

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