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Body Circle Designs: Stainless Steel Captive Tube Ring

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The Body Circle brand captive tube ring is made from 316LVM stainless steel. Each captive tube ring is filed by hand and Body Circle says: "no one matches our quality."


Not threaded

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After trying every type of ring, these captive tubes are the best in every category - comfort, appearance, and ease of use. They pop in and out as easily as a captive bead, look like a continuous ring, and my ears are happier resting on the straight bar part. Plus, if someone pulls on them hard enough, I do believe that your ear wouldn't rip in half and the tube would pop out instead. Just, yknow, in case. The only downside is that these are pretty pricey, and take a bit of saving up to do a full set.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Captive Tube Ring: 12g 1/2"
, Wonderland, , UNITED STATES - 3/29/2015
Body Jewelry

These are extremely well made and the high polish is so gorgeous. The bar is quite difficult to pop out, so I think investing in a pair of ring opening pliers would be a good idea if you intend to take them out a lot. Overall, extremely stoked on these rings!!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Captive Tube Ring: 10g 3/8"
, Toronto, ON, CANADA - 6/12/2012
Body Jewelry

Got this for my center lip, and it is perfect. Not having a bead on my lips, but still wearing a ring is so nice, and the straight section relieves some pressure inside the piercing that would normally be there on a plain ring. I think I could wear this for much longer periods of time than a regular ring. BCDs polish is not only so very shiny, but its even noticeably smoother to the touch than cheaper rings too!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Captive Tube Ring: 10g 3/8"
, Canberra, , AUSTRALIA - 11/13/2009
Body Jewelry

I got this for my eyebrow, and it is perfect! With the straight section in the fistula, the ring can flip around, and even lay flat against my head, and it doesn't disturb the piercing at all! It was however very hard to insert, because the 1/4 long 14g tube was so fiddly to get a grip on. Next time I think Ill get a pair of tweezers to hold it. Typical BCD amazing quality polish too.

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Captive Tube Ring: 14g 5/16"
, Canberra, , AUSTRALIA - 11/13/2009
Body Jewelry

I got this ring for my septum, and it is absolutely perfect. I did, however, have to use my ring opening pliers to adjust the tension and make it easier to insert/remove the tube component, and would recommend doing so for larger gauge pieces. Flawless finish and fantastic quality all around!

Item Reviewed: Stainless Steel Captive Tube Ring: 10g 5/16"
, Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES - 7/15/2009
Body Jewelry