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Anatometal: Niobium Seam Ring

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The simplest body jewelry ring with no beads to lose. Simply bend the ends apart as you would a key ring, insert into your piercing and bend the ends back. To maintain the shape of the ring, it's best to bend the ends side to side, so that the diameter of the ring remains the same, then bend them back together after insertion. Some larger gauge rings may be already opened for you, so you only have to bend them closed. This 316LVM ASTM F-138 stainless steel ring is annealed for ease of bending and highly polished.

This Anatometal brand seamless ring is made using the finest implant grade niobium.

The fifteen anodized niobium color choices are sure to please you. Anatometal niobium color choices are the same as titanium colors plus black and opalescent. This ring is available in gauges from 18 gauge to 10 gauge and many inside diameters making it ideal for a variety of piercings.


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Niobium Seam Ring: 14g 7/16" Bronze
Niobium Seam Ring: 18g 7/16" Black
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This was not what I was expecting, but it's my own fault for wanting black. I will get some use out of it, so it's not a major loss. You need to bend this open and closed. I would not recommend this for someone who is going to change out your jewelry often. This is more like a leave it in permanently piece. Of course, the finish is beautiful, as it always is with Anatometal!

Item Reviewed: Niobium Seam Ring: 14g 1/2" Black
, Columbus, OH, UNITED STATES - 5/10/2016
Body Jewelry

Awesome product! Great quality and finish as always for Anatometal. A little hard to pry open, so be sure to have a pair of pliers handy.

Item Reviewed: Niobium Seam Ring: 14g 7/16" Bronze
, Nebraska, , UNITED STATES - 4/30/2016
Body Jewelry

Exactly what I wanted. Quality ring with a dark shine.

Item Reviewed: Niobium Seam Ring: 18g 7/16" Black
, Vancouver, , CANADA - 5/27/2015
Body Jewelry

It was a little stiff to move, but I was able to do it with help of tools c:

Item Reviewed: Niobium Seam Ring: 16g 1/4" Black
, Iowa, , UNITED STATES - 10/25/2014
Body Jewelry

love this ring. one of the best because I always seem to lose the ball whether it was pressure or screwed. :D

Item Reviewed: Niobium Seam Ring: 16g 1/4" Black
, Boston, , UNITED STATES - 3/12/2013
Body Jewelry

This ring is cute and easy to insert by hand but without tools can be a bit tricky to close. I got it for a cartilage piercing and worked great!

Item Reviewed: Niobium Seam Ring: 20g 1/4" Teal
, San Jose, CA, UNITED STATES - 8/13/2012
Body Jewelry

Comfortable ring, but I could not possibly get it to close all the way once I opened it to put it in, was kind of a deal breaker for me.
Editor's Note: Sometimes the way you open it makes all the difference with seamless rings. Twisting where the ring opens in opposite directions instead of simply pulling it apart helps to close it back up flawlessly:)

Item Reviewed: Niobium Seam Ring: 16g 3/8" Black
, Ames, IA, UNITED STATES - 5/5/2011
Body Jewelry