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Anatometal: Titanium Seam Ring

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The simplest body jewelry ring with no beads to lose. Simply bend the ends apart as you would a key ring, insert into your piercing and bend the ends back. To maintain the shape of the ring, it's best to bend the ends side to side, so that the diameter of the ring remains the same, then bend them back together after insertion. Some larger gauge rings may be already opened for you, so you only have to bend them closed.

As with all Anatometal brand body jewelry, this ring is made using the finest 6AL4V ELI ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium.

The thirteen color choices and light-weight titanium are sure to please you. This ring is available in gauges from 18 gauge to 10 gauge and many inside diameters making it ideal for a variety of piercings.

We recommend taking this ring to your piercer for insertion, they can be a bit difficult to close perfectly, espcially with small diameter rings.


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Titanium Seam Ring: 18g 3/8" Ice Blue
I should've ordered a 20g, if it's offered, because this is a bit too hard to open for me
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Blurple is an awesome color!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 14g 5/8" Blurple
, NY, NY, UNITED STATES - 2/12/2016
Body Jewelry

I was able to open and close it with my hands, but it took a few times before I got it closed to the point where it was seamless. But I dont think I would have been able to do it with a thicker gauge. Copper color is nice, and Im happy with it.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 18g 3/8" Copper
, New York, NY, UNITED STATES - 6/5/2014
Body Jewelry

Quality jewelry. Great choices of colour and the prices are low!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 18g 5/16" Ice Blue
, Laval, QC, CANADA - 3/5/2014
Body Jewelry

I really like the subtle color. I plan to order the bronze and copper. I wish they had 20g because I think its a bit hard to bend open/close. This fits my septum nicely and ear.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 18g 3/8" Ice Blue
, Edcouch, TX, UNITED STATES - 9/10/2013
Body Jewelry

I didn't like this ring because it was really rough on the ends.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 16g 7/16" Yellow
, Milton, KY, UNITED STATES - 4/10/2013
Body Jewelry

You know that review stating that 10G titanium cant simply twist open? Listen to it. I managed to salvage mine for use, but definitely not the intended way. So yes, be prepared to find it extremely difficult to work with the ring, even when its not through a piece of your flesh. On the upside, its really quite beautiful

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 10g 7/16" High Polish
, Wonderland, CA, UNITED STATES - 2/16/2013
Body Jewelry

Well this ring was a pain to get in as its very difficult to bend. I tried to put it in my nostril myself but that was a bad idea--I clamped it too tight and couldn't undo it, I had to go to the hospital to get it cut off! Id suggest going to an experienced piercer to get it done. I'm sure its a nice product but I never really got to enjoy it properly.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 18g 5/16" Ice Blue
, Kamloops, BC, CANADA - 6/29/2012
Body Jewelry

This ring is so adorable and cute!! The only down side is, it was kind of a pain to put in. I needed two sets of pliers to close it in my nose, and that was tough. I would suggest taking this ring to a local shop and have them put it in there. Youll save yourself a lot of pain, and time. Also, where it closes the seamstheyre a little sharp and get caught in the piercing which is a little uncomfortable. Over all I like it. Ill probably get the rainbow captive ring next time for my nostril though. Id like to add I did open the ring sideways and not pull it outwards as to warp the ring, but theres still a gap in the seam that I cant get shut.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 18g 1/4" Rainbow
, Edinburg, TX, UNITED STATES - 10/6/2011
Body Jewelry

These rings are opened by twisting them apart, rather than opening them with ring-opening pliers. However, annealed Titanium in 10 G simply doesn't twist. I would recommend that no one buy this jewelry in a gauge thicker than 12 G you're purchasing at your own risk even at that size. I wound up opening mine, not being able to close it, and then losing it overnight in my sleep because I do things like have entire conversations in my sleep and, apparently, take out my body jewelry in my sleep too.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Seam Ring: 10g 7/16" High Polish
, Vancouver, BC, CANADA - 4/8/2011
Body Jewelry