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Gorilla Glass: Pair of Glass Hooks

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Sold as a pair.

$50.50 - $62.95 $10.10 - $12.59  & eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. See details.

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This product is also available for pre-order if you need a color or gauge that's not listed here.

Glass hooks look awesome in ear lobes! Check out the large photo for a good sample.

The matte black finish is for healed piercings only. People with sensitive lobes may have a reaction to the porous surface.

SODA-LIME (all colors)


NOTE: This item is made from glass. It is hand made, not machine made, so perfection to a certain gauge and color is not always possible.
Expect the gauge to vary up to 1mm larger or smaller than the stated gauge. Color intensity may vary. For colored glass, smaller gauges are often lighter in color.
Variance is NOT considered a defect.



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Pair of Glass Hooks: 6g Purple
Pair of Glass Hooks: 6g Ocean
Pair of Glass Hooks: 000g Purple
Pair of Glass Hooks: 4g Purple
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I purchased a pair of 000G Purple Glass Hooks and requested that Steel Navel send me the smallest diameter in that size because my piercing is closer to a 00G size. Upon receipt of my order, Sue from Steel Navel included a message that acknowledged my request and, upon receipt, the Hooks fit perfectly. Is that great Customer Service or what? I'm more than pleased with my purchase - many thanks!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Glass Hooks: 000g Purple
, Miami, FL, UNITED STATES - 5/10/2018
Body Jewelry

These were actually a little smaller than I had expected, but if they were any bigger in 6g I think they might start to feel fragile. Gorilla Glass is excellent quality as always, and if you look at them from the end, you can see the really intense blue color that Ocean gets in larger gauges. Ill try to post a picture of that here. If not, there's one in the forums!

Item Reviewed: Pair of Glass Hooks: 6g Ocean
, Portland, OR, UNITED STATES - 5/22/2012
Body Jewelry

I used these to stretch from 6g to 4g. It was easy to do because the end is tapered, making it easy to put in the piercing. They're beautiful ! And they're sturdy too because I accidentally dropped one on the floor not carpet and only the very tip of the longer end chipped a little. The rest of it didn't break ! Not that I recommend dropping them to test this out.

Item Reviewed: Pair of Glass Hooks: 4g Purple
, Phoenix, AZ, UNITED STATES - 12/21/2008
Body Jewelry