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Industrial Strength: Titanium Straight Barbell with Titanium Threaded Disks


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This is the standard Industrial Strength titanium straight barbell with titanium threaded disks on each end. On the 16g through 12g you can choose 3mm or 5mm threaded disks. The 10g and 8g barbells have 5mm disks. This straight barbell is made from 6AL4V ELI F-136 implant grade titanium and is internally threaded for comfort during insertion.

The shorter lengths of this barbell make a nice labret with disks on both sides of the piercing.

PLEASE NOTE: according to Industrial Strength, the disk ends measure somewhat smaller than the stated size.


Internal threading

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On an upcoming trip I will see people that I don't want to know I have my nipples pierced. I have barbells that I love that make an outline through a shirt look like I have 3 nipples on each side. These are very discreet. From a distance it looks like my nipples aren't pierced at all. When I get back from our trip I will put my other jewelry back in.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Straight Barbell: 12g 3/8" High Polish, Titanium Threaded Disks: 3mm High Polish
, Las Vegas, NV, UNITED STATES - 12/13/2012
Body Jewelry