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Industrial Strength: Titanium Internally Threaded Bezel Faceted Gem


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This threaded end will fit Industrial Strength brand internally threaded jewelry, but may not fit your other brand jewelry if purchased elsewhere (due to possible differences in threading). The gauge of the end must be the same gauge as the barbell.

This titanium internally threaded titanium bezel faceted gem end will fit any Industrial Strength brand barbell. The ball is made from 6AL4V ELI F-136 implant grade titanium and is countersunk for a precision fit. The faceted Swarovski crystal is available in fourteen colors.

Blurple, Fuchsia, Green, Rainbow, and Teal not available in 2g, 0g, or 00g.


Internal threading

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Shiny, sparkly and fits in my Industrial Strength barbell! Cute enough you'll want to buy every gem and metal color!

Item Reviewed: Titanium Bezel Faceted Gem: 16g High Polish 3mm Blue Zircon Gem
, Iowa City, IA, UNITED STATES - 1/3/2014
Body Jewelry

Absolute favorite! Worth every penny! Not cheaply made like most. Long lasting, very durable.

Item Reviewed: Titanium Bezel Faceted Gem: 16g Purple 4mm AB Crystal Gem
, Eden, NC, UNITED STATES - 6/5/2010
Body Jewelry